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Partnership Information
You See the world Kiosk design from K-KIOSK
Use diverse benefits K-KIOSK provides for your business success.
We are sharing the business width several partners. We want to grow and develop with passionate partners in the field of technical partnership, design, plan, manufacturing, and sale.
You will soon discover how we can help you with streamlining operation, expanding sale, and practicing the skill for you to enter into high-growth field.
If you cooperate with K-KIOSK, you cooperate with industry-leading company which has better experience than one of any other information technology company.

For your offering
* Perform more intelligent affair.
* Secure competitive edge
* Capture and obtain new insight to induce and maintain the success.
Reorganize you business by cooperating with K-KIOSK through skill obtainment, business, and customer satisfaction.
K-KIOSK compensates for your investment through the higher-value support.
It is a systematiic framework providing useful benefit to help with partner's business success and make mutual relation more close. We can improve partner level by proving success and obtaining the point through platinum partner, certified partner.

* Expertise test, business and skill certification
* Profit creation
* Present success cases
*Obtain a high level of customer satisfaction
Thank you for being interested in our K-KIOSK partnership program.
Please fill in the application for admission and present us the outline of you and your company.
Thank you for choosing K-KIOSK
Inquiry e-mail for partnership 7kiosks1@gmail.com