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You see the world kiosk design from K-KIOSK
K-KIOSK Company Information

Choice made by the ones who truly know the difference-Sophisticated design that enhances the value of space!! K-KIOSK is herer to support you.

K-KIOSK is a leading firm with a wide range of technologies, offering overall services regarding the KIOSK System ranging from the design and manufacturing of cabinets and the development of KIOSK contents and programs.
Toward the vision of “realizing whatever designs the client imagines”,
K-KIOSK shall be your passion, energy and pleasure by satisfying the users’ requirements on products and services as the IT environment changes rapidly.

K-KIOSK installed large-scale KIOSK systems at the Osaka Station in Japan, where it is extremely difficult to obtain a contract within 3 years. Furthermore, we are exporting our products to several countries in the world including those of Europe, Australia, Chile, Kenya, India, Brazil and Russia.
K-KIOSK is actively conducting projects to secure 15 overseas resellers by accurately identifying the clients’ requirements and building close, cooperative relation with the local partners.

We shall endeavor to supply you with the best quality products ever with the minimum cost and optimized design, achieving our long-term vision of roducing the world-class KIOSK products and services. We will be there for you so that you shall be able to experience the K-KIOSK products anywhere in the global market.

All of our supportive and potential clients always be happy!