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K-KIOSK is registered in the multimedia integrated part as
an industrial design company in KIDP (Korea institute of Design Promotion) under MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy).
We are leading company in industrial design field in Korea and constantly stimulate our design ability and attribute to the market.

K-KIOSK is trying to avoid unproductive COPQ (Cost of
poor quality), wasting time and cost of wasting materials occurring in production such as a lot of trial and error for mistake and we also are trying to propose by verifying the feasibility and improvement measures for a sustainable creative design. During kiosk development process, we will find unexpected cost by cost of poor quality, and reward all saving cost to client.

K- KIOSK work with customer for wide range of
project that need customized design and standard
information kiosk. In case you need special design
kiosk enclosure for your project or mechanical
design for your own specific application.

Our professional CAD engineer and technical support team work for you by consulting your need, suggest 3D rendering base on your project concept sketch, we will make your idea into virtual kiosk. K-KIOSK’s design team with 6 professional designers carefully guide by design director,? Call today at 82-2-488-2305 / 82-70-4035-7807.
Kiosk developing processes
Substantial design