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MODEL : K24s

Alternate Views
Common Application Uses
▶Internet kiosk
▶Building Directional Way Finder
▶Information Point
▶Market Research touchscreen kiosk
▶Human Resources touchscreen kiosk
▶Interactive Product Advertise kiosk

On some models, the corresponding model to develop a reasonable price and fast delivery to its own design from K-KIOSK can be sold immediately available to off-the-shelf sales

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Product Description
Standard Kiosk is an interactive touch-screen device which can be installed at public offices, banks, airports, supermarkets and retail stores. Not only can install a touch-screen sensor but also a keyboard, RFID, printer and scanner. It is used as a internet computer, receipt issuing machine, parking guidance machine, and payment machine, interactive way-finder.

■ Features

Thinner than previous model K24, but it can equip barebone PC, slim PC, thermal printer, scanner, MCR and other devices. Usually used as a ticket dispenser.

■ 1.6mm CR-Steel

CR-Steel features glossiness and brightness of surface. It is thin, but has extremely strong hardness which makes K24S much sturdily.

■ Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating – prevents abrasion and have beautiful luster – is used for finishing materials of floor and wall. Also, it is easy to maintenance.
Operating Temperature:
Display Sizes
Size: Resolution: Available:
15" 1024x768
17" 1280x1024
19" 1280x1024
21.5" 1920x1080
23" 1920x1080
32" 1920x1200
42" 1920x1080
46" 1920x1080
47" 1920x1080
55" 1920x1080
65" 1920x1080
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' '
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ADA Compliant
Weather Resistant
Optional Additions
Hardened 6mm Tempered Glass
TFT LCD & Touch Sensor 22" - 82"
Touch Panel
Flight Case
Nema 4 Certified Weather Proof Metal Frame
WiFi (Wireless Internet)
3M Logo Branding
What's in the box
Cabinet Keys
Power Cable