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Title... : Notice regarding certified industrial panel
Name : K-KIOSK Lab Date : 2017-12-29 Hit : 11754

The following list are a must check before buying Signage/kiosk products.
FYI, K-KIOSK use certified industrial monitors for our kiosks and signage.
(Check List)
1. If the kiosk and monitors are imported from China.
2. Although it seems like a panel made from major manufacturer(LG, Samsung, etc), if the panel is a old second hand, and made in China.
3. If it used cheap panels which made for TV(Could cause problems in product life and durability)
4. If it is a vertical type or portrait type panel(When using portrait type vertically, liquid crystal within the panel could flow down and cause problems.
5. If the AD board/SMPS is made in Korea.
Many companies advertise their kiosk with a low cost strategy. But what they actually have in mind is that they only have to pass the 1 year guarantee period, then it is ok for them to use low quality devices.
K-KIOSK complies with certified industrial panel.
K-KIOSK Corporate Research Institute Director Kim Young Soo
Cost of Poor Quality !!