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Title... : SAMSUNG 46 inch outdoor signage with superior durability
Name : Mr. Dahan Kim Date : 2016-11-02 Hit : 17788

46 inch outdoor signage with superior durability- 2,000 USD per set

1. Customized signage for outdoor environment

  • Effective information delivery in outdoor environment by 3,000 nit brightness and non-reflective coating on display.
  • Scratch proof film coating with tempered glass installation
  • With climate control function installed within, it operates despite of outdoor temperature(-30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃)
  • Complied with IP56(water/dust proof) standard
2. Easy to use signage with various function
  • Auto brightness control for clear contents display
  • Easy to convert display mode / Support vertical view mode
  • Embedded quad-core media player