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Title... : K-Kiosk, 2017 Catalog newly published!
Name : Admin Date : 2016-08-29 Hit : 7536

K-Kiosk has published a new 2017 catalog.

We selected a famous foreign model for the cover of the new catalog, a catalog which consists of 44 pages. It contains various information of newly designed kiosks, informations of solution technology, major installation cases, etc.. We are currently preparing English, Japanese versions of the catalog for foreign buyers as well. The main theme for our new catalog is "To guide customers to know their brand value, and take full advantage with us"

If you wish to receive our new catalog, please Email to our staff Mr. Dahan Kim(7kiosks1@gmail.com), and we will send our quantity limited catalog by mail.

September 2nd, 2016
Oversea Sales / Dahan Kim