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Title... : Job information Kiosk with Philippine Ministry of Labor
Name : 관리자 Date : 2014-09-01 Hit : 9228

Last May, Koryodigiworks Inc.(www.k-kiosk.com) concluded the contract of 800 pieces export with Philippine Ministry of Labor through a Germane company.

Koryodigiworks made a contract that a Germane company would build the contents and K-KIOSK would deliver the kiosk equipment through this project and delivered completed shipping the first 200 pieces to the Philippines in August and is consulting about manufacturing the second 300 pieces.

Job information Kiosk is a convenient system by which Philippine job seekers can search the employment information only by simple touch after visiting the public office, and the Germane company will build the program.

Albert Kwon, Head of Philippine branch, said “we proved the excellence of Korean K-KIOSK product customized to Philippine poor environment to the president and government associates through the Philippine employment exhibition on May first, so we will be able to make many results in the next government project in the future.”