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Title... : K-KIOSK sponsored kiosks to SBS Drama 닥터이방인 (Doctor Alien).
Name : 관리자 Date : 2014-06-23 Hit : 8071

K-KIOSK is taking charge of the product-sponsorship of SBS Drama 닥터이방인 (Doctor Alien) for K24S, KH32, KMW19 model which will be used as props inside the hospital. Please check our products in drama 닥터이방인 (Doctor Alien) which is full of interesting stories.

Simple yet Future oriented ambience as best seller models in 2009.

For more product information, please visit our website www.k-kiosk.com. Thanks.

Regular Program Time: SBS (Mon, Tues) 10:00 pm. 20 episode.