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Title... : [2013]Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
Name : Raul Date : 2013-10-14 Hit : 10414


3,300 of Exhibition booths and Over 70,000 buyers will participate!

K-Kiosk and SBA(Seoul Business Agency) have announce that they will participate the World largest IT electronics fair “Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2013 (Autumn Edition)” .

  3,000 of exhibition booth and 64,478 buyers from 28 countries participated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair last year and it will hold at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in 79,910 square meters gross area .
Hundreds of people are waiting for the registeration of exhibition.

 K-Kiosk has decided to exhibit K24S which had favorable feedback from hundreds of buyers at CommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore. K24S features slim and polished design and can install a RFID reader, bar-code scanner, card reader, NFC so many decision makers who needs IT solution at ㅅheir business finding K24S..