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Title... : An epilogue of World IT Show 2013
Name : 관리자 Date : 2013-05-29 Hit : 8829

An epilogue of World IT Show 2013

K-Kiosk a company dedicated to the development of kiosk design and solutions has participated in COEX World IT Show Seoul (21~25 May 2013). They got many praise as a result of promotional event of their brand name and products.

       They exhibited four kiosks, three digital signage and one Photo Kiosk. Which is main item of export.

CEO of K-Kiosk, Dong-jin Lee performance a Photo Kiosk Solution.

Photo Kiosk Solution has ability to take a picture of users and send it to MMS.
Sending MMS to cell phone and choosing a background layout are basic function of Photo Kiosk Solution. Premium version has more ability – publishing photos on SNS, modifying the background layout, send the photos to email account.

Many Student participants used interactive Photo Kiosk.

Kids show their interest on interactive Kiosk (Model: KH32)
Hundreds of kids drew a painting and took a picture of themselves with painting.
They drew a picture with their hands or touch-screen pencil.

They drew a picture with their hands or touch-screen pencil.

Teacher in charge took a picture with her students.

Raul in charge of overseas sales said “During exhibition, I had been very busy and tired as many participants visited our booth.” And he said “Though many people use smart phone, they still surprised at large interactive screen. We have a plan to participate more exhibitions to let people know about Kiosk and K-Kiosk”

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth.

K-Kiosk will endeavor to meet client’s demands.

(Editing by Sun-young Kim Management Support Dept.)