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Title... : Koryo Kiosk Expanded Kiosk A/S Service Center
Name : manager Date : 2012-12-04 Hit : 8039

Koryo Kiosk Expanded Kiosk A/S Service Center

Koryo Kiosk(www.k-kiosk.com), kiosk supplier, constructed service centers for fast providing service and high-rating customer satisfaction in the whole country.

33 Koryo Kiosk Service centers opened in 27 cities, and they have solution of A/S Kiosk customer relationship management(CRM).

Lee Su-yeon, Koryo Kiosk board member, said “ Service centers are supply base for supplying expendables of kiosks and devices to customers. Customers can receive fast services by call-out service after call-center counselling.”

Celebrating grand open of service centers, Koryo Kiosk is going to provide free kiosk clinic service for a month.

Also K-Kiosk provides opportunity of experiencing various devices in component testing-center of company.

(Seoul=Newsis) By Lyu Hyi-yeon / lovely_jh@newsis.com