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Title... : TTC unveils information kiosks at seven downtown subway stations
Name : Ken Date : 2011-05-12 Hit : 9032

TORONTO, Ont. - Tourists and newcomers to Toronto will soon find it a bit easier to navigate the city"s transit system.

The TTC is unveiling new information kiosk programs at key downtown stations, starting this summer.

18 student ambassadors are spread out between seven downtown subway stations and they will provide information, maps and directions to those in need.

"We want to make sure that first time visitors to Toronto and first time users of the transit system can navigate the system easily," TTC"s Brad Ross told 680News.

Each student ambassador is dressed in bright blue shirts and baseball caps for easy visibility. 

Ross told 680News said the students are full of knowledge.

"You"re at St. Patrick"s station - where is the Art Gallery of Ontario, how do I get there? What"s the best way to get there - or I"m at Queen station and I want to go to the Zoo, what"s the best way to get there? That"s the kind of information that they will be asked to provide."

Mathew, one of the student ambassadors in the program, told 680News this will be his summer job and he is looking forward to the ups and the downs that come with customer service.

"I grew up in Toronto and most of the people are great so I look forward to any challenges that come along the way," said Mathew.

Part of the training was an Amazing Race type exercise where the students had to discover the city.

The student ambassadors will be paid $16 an hour to answer questions.

The pilot project will cost just under a $150-thousand. more