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Title... : Koryo Kiosk attend " 2011 IT & Electronic e-Trade skull session "
Name : Ken Date : 2011-04-14 Hit : 8778

Koryo Kiosk join a " 2011 IT & Electronic  e-Trade skull session "

KOTRA in Hong Kong and 33 KBC(Foreign Trade Office)in whold world, led to consider the kiosk products by conducting market assessment, As a result, our items are generally suitable for the local market to participate in the consultation have been evaluated.

From now, for the overseas markets as a global leader with best quality will serve good kiosk.

►Summary of Skull Session

Name : 2011 IT & Electronic e-Trade

Date : 2nd May ~ 5th May, 2011 [ Korea Local Time ]

Joined KBC :
Kuwait(Kuwait), Casablanca(Morocco), Colombo(Sri Lanka), Bogota(Colombia), Santiago(Chile), Vienna(Austria), Nairobi(Kenya), Algiers(Algeria), Derioit(USA), Novosibirsk(Russia), Lima(Peru), Beijing(China), Dacca(Bangladesh), Zagreb(Croatia), Guatemala(Guatemala), Caracas(Venezuela), Cairo(Egypt), Silicon Valley(USA), Prague(Czech), Panama(Panama), Madrid(Spain), Budapest(Hungary), Santo Domingo(Dominica), Hong Kong(China), Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia), Stockholm(Sweden), Sofia(Rumania), Amman(Jordan).