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Title... : Self Service Kiosks at Fast Food Restaurants
Name : Ken Date : 2011-02-28 Hit : 8672

It"s as easy as ordering at the counter. You just don"t have to talk to anyone.

All you do is follow the prompts. Like, what language would you like? Would you like to make it a combo? Would you like to add any items? And Select your type of payment.

But the question is will people really like not ordering from a person? One customer has been using the kiosk several times and says it"s pretty easy.

"It"s quicker than going through the line and you get your food quicker," says Brian Collebrusco.

Jack in the Box has more than two hundred locations with kiosks in them. They say they are adding them in all of their new stores to help make the ordering process easier. They also say they are not designed to get rid of the employees.

Jack in the Box isn"t the only local fast food restaurant with kiosks. We found that the Carl"s Junior at on 41st next to Promenade Mall has two inside.

However, a lot of customers are passing the computer for a friendly face. Either at the counter or through the drive through. But managers say that on really busy days more and more people will use the kiosk. That"s because they know they will get their order faster. more