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Title... : Schools more secure thanks to kiosks
Name : Ken Date : 2011-01-18 Hit : 8461

 A kiosk system is tightening security in schools around the country, said Kevin Allen, president of LobbyGuard Solutions, the company that makes the kiosks.
 More than 2,000 kiosks are now deployed in several schools, and the 6-year-old company grows at an annual rate of  more than 150 percent, Allen said.

One machine has been in an elementary school in the Edmond, Okla., area for about four years,and the kiosks will be in all the city"s schools by the end of the year, according to the Edmond Sun.
The software system screens thousands of visitors, contractors and others who pass through school doors. It allows for quick visitor check-in, instant background checking and volunteer registration. It also gives school personnel instant access to information regarding parental custody for each parent and student, eliminating questions about who has the right to pick up students.

The kiosks incorporate a touch-screen interface, camera, driver"s-license scanner, barcode scanner and visitor badge printer to provide the user with a complete method for signing in and out.