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41 K-KIOSK, capable of producing 500 kiosks per year2017-12-29195
40 Notice regarding certified industrial panel2017-12-29574
39 K-KIOSK announces Kiosk production in the Philippines2017-05-121821
38 Online Kiosk Mall_ Philippines mall newly open!2017-01-032424
37 SAMSUNG 46 inch outdoor signage with superior durability2016-11-024283
36 Korea Electronics Show (October 26 (Wed) to 29 (Sat) at COEX)2016-10-243479
35 K-Kiosk, 2017 Catalog newly published!2016-08-294157
34 K-KIOSK, Increase in market share of integrated openframe in the Philippines2016-07-204223
33 K-Kiosk Newsletter, April 20162016-04-203104
32 Job information Kiosk with Philippine Ministry of Labor2014-09-015868
31 K-KIOSK sponsored kiosks to SBS Drama 닥터이방인 (Doctor Alien).2014-06-235469
30 2014 RETAILTECH JAPAN Exhibition2014-06-185669
29 [2013]Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)2013-10-146198
28 Selection of promising exporting Small & Middle company 20132013-06-266222
27 [CommunicAsia 2013 Preview] Korean leading manufacturer of Kiosk, K-Kiosk2013-06-196089
26 K-Kiosk participate in CommunicAsia20132013-06-104727
25 Voted “The 100 good companies 2013”2013-05-314763
24 An epilogue of World IT Show 20132013-05-295269
23 K-Kiosk press release : K-Kiosk relocated their factory2013-05-144441
22 K-Kiosk, Make a reseller contract with ‘BIELE-MEDIA’2013-05-074572
21 Participation in WORLD IT SHOW 20132013-05-064293
20 K-Kiosk releases brand-new Outdoor Kiosks at RETAILTECH JAPAN in Japan2013-03-124535
19 Voted Abroad Gallery(Exhibition) Management Venture2012-12-044820
18 Koryo Kiosk Expanded Kiosk A/S Service Center2012-12-045045
17 Voted Participant of S-FAIR 20122012-12-034530
16 Participated 東京 Digital Signage Japan 2012 (June 13~15.2012)2012-12-034831
15 Koryo Digiworks Certified ISO 9001 & 140012012-12-034823
14 Show room expansion remodeling2012-03-205740
13 Helios Model in Japan subway2012-03-206072
12 Corporate Disclosure2012-03-205513
11 World-Class Korean Products2012-03-205375
10 India factory automation kiosk local export2011-12-215579
9 participated Embedded Technology in Yokohama exhibition2011-12-135282
8 K24S was appeared in the News Paper.2011-08-075705
7 "canceling an agreement to sell wine through automated kiosks"2011-06-295619
6 JASA members are visit to Koryo Kiosk on 27th May, 20112011-06-016182
5 Jetstar goes fully self-service2011-05-266561
4 TTC unveils information kiosks at seven downtown subway stations2011-05-126090
3 SBI opens Kiosk banking2011-04-275978
2 Koryo Kiosk attend " 2011 IT & Electronic e-Trade skull session "2011-04-145769
1 Fans connect with Cincinnati Reds heroes via kiosks2011-03-295261
0 Solana Beach Transit Center’s new kiosk promotes community2011-03-155491
-1 Fresh rollout of more GSIS kiosks benefits 140,000 members2011-03-075310
-2 Self Service Kiosks at Fast Food Restaurants2011-02-285213
-3 Hotel chain Yotel to deploy kiosks2011-02-185660
-4 Movie rental kiosks more popular than retail stores2011-02-075632
-5 Kiosks in Gujarat HC for easy info to lawyers & litigants2011-01-185325
-6 Schools more secure thanks to kiosks2011-01-185375
-7 2010 Kiosk Europe Expo review2011-01-185571
-8 Infocomm Asia 2010 홍콩전시회 참가..2010-11-046480
-9 How may I help you?2009-04-306540
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